Russian Sports Massage:

Goal is to optimize the athlete's potential by increasing athletic strength, endurance, muscular power and contractibility. Decrease lactic acid and build up, increase in number of active capillaries and veins (34 per square inch in muscle at rest vs. 1400 with RSM) width and lumen. Athletes can train at higher levels for longer time. $85  60min (no 90 min RSM)


Deep Tissue:
Firm pressure, slow paced to work through problem areas. $85  60min ; $110  90min


Structural Integration​

A style of massage that reorganizes the muscles to improve posture by releasing the fascia, often referred as Myofacial Release or Rolfing. $85 60min ; $110  90min



Massage with the practitioners feet. The pressure can be deep. The practitioner also stretches the client.
$85 60min ; $110  90min



Long strokes with medium to light pressure. Benefits are to reduce stress

and pain while improving circulation. $75  60min ; $100  90min


Theraputic massage

Customized for each individual. Usually involves all my talents blended into one massage. This is the massage I recommend for all my clients. $85  60min ; $110  90min


Hot stone

Benefits are deep relaxation with relief from muscle soreness. The pressure is medium with long strokes.
$75  60min ;  $100  90min 


Swedish massage

$75  60min ;  $100  90min 

Neoteric Face & Body 

A lymphatic face, scalp and body treatment.  Comprised of  steam and organic skin care bringing fresh, oxygenized blood
to the surface  naturally flushing out toxins. All treatments are customized for full head
to toe or to a specific region of the body.

$65  30 min ;  $80  45 min ;  $95  60 min