"I injured my back in Afghanistan in 2007. Since then it would seize every six months and I would be forced to go to the Emergency Room each time. In 2009 it seized and never went back to feeling normal like it did the first two years. In 2012 after three frustrating years of continual back pain, I met Daniela. She worked on my back and relieved me from a lot of back pain, while also increasing my mobility. She has worked on my back since then. As long she works on my back, I no longer endure the semi-yearly seizing of my back."  




"Daniela is a charismatic and insightful instructor. Her knowledge and expertise ooze out of her. I have been to chiropractic caregivers as well as numerous yogis to no avail. My chronic pain has been debilitating at times, but finally I am getting relief! And I owe that to Daniella, I recommend her highly to anyone who is frustrated with their health or fitness."

- Noelle Dumas

"When I was 9, I was in two big car accidents, leaving me with a permanent migraine that ebbed and flowed like the tide, and very constricted neck and shoulder muscles. I also did ballet, which gave my legs a habitual turn-out and my posture a particular slouch. I'm now 28, and the only thing that provides results is massage and chiropractic work, and the only professionals whose results last, are very, very few who are able to listen to, understand, and learn from the complexity of our bodies and the memories they internalize, and respond with a combination of techniques.

So far I have only seen Daniela once, a month ago, and she identified, among several things, that my ballet leg turn-out is a factor preventing me from maintaining a healthy posture. Like a sculptor she put them back into position, warning that potentially they may need more work later on. However this has not been the case, and on the contrary, my legs have stayed where they should and it is now uncomfortable to stand with that turn-out. I feel balanced, rooted, relaxed through my torso, I don't push my hips forward, it has been easier to go jogging, my body feels more like a whole system.

Daniela is a source of creative energy and it inspiring and insightful to work with such a professional."

-Varvara D.