Chi Yoga

Qigong + Yoga = Empowerment 
Yoga + Qigong 

Vinyasa and Yin combined to improve flexibility, build strength and endurance. Vinyasa is a breath to movement while yin, holds deep stretches. Yin opens the tissue creating length. Vinyasa allows more free movement with breath. Qigong is a moving meditation with a focal point for the mind. Where the mind goes energy flows. There will be a focal point for each class based on the students. Walk-Ins Welcome.

Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama is a breathing method to move Qi, life force. Deep controlled breathing removes 75% of toxins from the body. Deep controlled breathing stimulates the spine. Our spine works 24 hours a day. After or during the practice of pranayama the brain waves are low. Meditation will follow after practicing pranayama. Walk-Ins Welcome.