After going to the Pan Americas in Los Angelos California I fell into massage due to an injury in martial arts, Brazilian Jui Jitsu. I was injured in a tournament in California, leaving me with a partially torn A.C.L. From there I received a Zen Touch Massage at the School of Healing Arts clinic which I later attended. I remember my knee was so swollen prior to my massage and afterwards, I could walk with less pain and swelling.


I graduated from the School of Healing Arts in San Diego, Ca with a Holistic Health Practitioner certification of 1000 hours. I studied movement; Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Brain Gym, Pilates, massage; Zen Touch.

Zen touch is a collaboration of Shiatsu, Watsu and Thai massage, incorporating acupressure points, stretching and energy work. Zen touch was created by Seymour Koblin. I became interested in Russian Sports Massage and Myofascial Release because of how my body was changing. My posture improved as well as my pain levels decreased.

Philosophy and Science

In my practice I use a body, mind and spirit approach. Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Russian Sports Massage and Reiki are my main focus.
I integrate these modalities in each session for each individual.


Reiki has transformed my life allowing me to grow as a healer. Reiki is loving, harmonizing and balancing energy. The healing happens on a cellular level, spiritual level and mental level, allowing a full potential for healing.


Russian Sports Massage will increase your lifestyle by two years with sixty years of evidence based material. The benefits will affect the muscular system, cardiovascular system and the skin. During the treatment, the muscular system will increase in elasticity, contractibility and reaction time; increase in number of active capillaries and veins (in a square inch in a muscle at rest vs.1400 with Russian Sports Massage), width and lumen. There will be a decrease in lactic acid buildup which allows the muscle to rehabilitate; as a result, you will also have a quicker recovery time.


The cardiovascular system will use less effort to pump more blood because more capillaries and veins are used. There is a significant increase in contractibility of the heart. Blood pressure will normalize with an increase in circulation from 9% to 140%. 
The skin is then improved via blood flow to the capillaries from exfoliation and circulation. The body will use more oxygen and sweat gland function will improve.